We Don’t Need 4 More Years Of False Prophets In The Church.

It is amazing to me that all the false prophets who claimed God told them that President Trump would be re-elected in 2020 are now changing their prophesy and saying that Trump will be re-elected but it will be in 2024. They prophesied falsely about Corona going away and now they falsely prophesied about the outcome of the 2020 election, but they want you to wait, and attend and support their ministries for the next 4 years.

Others are saying just wait till March, Biden will be arrested and Trump will be declared the 2020 winner.

Church we need to take notice of the pattern! These false prophets want you to keep waiting for their words to come to pass. They won’t admit they were wrong, instead that either your interpretation is wrong but not their prophetic word. Or their “Word needs more time to come to pass. But while we are waiting, keep sending your money to them for you to receive blessings, and keep coming to their meetings to get a “Word” from them.

“Who has bewitched you?!?”

You are being played by people who have learned to entertain you, wow you with “Words” that don’t come from God, and entrap you into their ministry models because the church lacks maturity, lack the ability to discern the difference between the Holy Spirit, Human imaginations, and a false lying spirit.

The church will have to endure many new hardships and persecution under a Biden Administration, let us not endure 4 more years under the burden and Judgment from God because the church has tolerated false prophets to be in leadership in the church. It is time to stop the financial support, stop attending ministries events, and stop following the social media accounts of the false prophets.

(If the false prophets will repent, they will need to be restored to fellowship, but that doesn’t mean to be restored a ministry, because part of their repentance is the acknowledgement that they are not a prophets and the spirit they have be prophesied from is not the Holy Spirt. That would be true repentance)

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