Beauty for Ashes, don’t kill the innocent

English: A sign promoting the saving of unborn...
English: A sign promoting the saving of unborn children. The location is the Marlborough region on State Highway 1 in the South Island of New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a male I cannot and do not claim to understand what any woman or girl who has been raped has gone through.
But for anyone to counsel her to kill the unborn child that came as a result of the rape is a monster who is as horrible as the rapist. They would be inflicting more pain and suffering on the rape victim, as she then would have a life long suffering of not only the rape(s) but of the guilt that she is the murderer of her innocent unborn child. The counselor would not relieve the victims grief and pain but would instead multiply it.
And this is what many are pushing as compassion? The real truth is that they can make money from the rape victim’s suffering by charging for the services of abortions. This is an outrage that someone is profiting from the horrors of rape! If this was not true then the abortionists would offer their service of murder for free, at no cost to victim nor the government. The doctors and clinics would cover the cost from their own pockets, and that will never happen in the abortion industry.
I would say compassionate counsel is to encourage “beauty for ashes,” to encourage the mother to choose to give the unborn child a chance at life. What if that child grows up to find the cure for cancer, becomes the next Billy Graham or Mother Theresa, or the first person to step on Mars. Jesus was an unwanted pregnancy (at least for Joseph), and if not for the Angel speaking to Joseph, he would have divorced Mary. If the religious leaders had found out, they would have stoned Mary to death with Jesus in the womb.
To encourage the victim to give new life a chance for something good, or even great, to come from a rape would bring healing and redemption from the evil. Choose life, not the taking of a life.

If a death is required to bring healing to a victim of rape, it should not be the death of the innocent child, but that of the guilty rapist.

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