Please tell me why should I like your new Facebook Ministry Page and need one of my own?

Many of you who are my friends will be getting a request from me to LIKE (Follow) my new FB ministry page. I have found out that Facebook doesn’t like people to run a ministry (a not-for-profit organization) from a profile. FB has set up PAGES for that instead.

You can still do the “works of ministry” on your personal PROFILE page, I to will continue to share about the kingdom of God and Jesus on this profile page. But just as Glory Worship Center and Nashville House of Prayer are 501c3 ministries so is Tony Nobles Ministry and therefore I needed to make it a ministry page.

*** It is because of our monthly financial partners that give faithfully each month to Tony Nobles Ministry at that I have a salary to serve and give leadership to many ministries including Glory Worship Center and Nashville House of Prayer and RooHOP***

So what we should know is this;

FB Profile is for real people.
FB Pages is for organizations and public figures (ministries).
FB Groups is for a closed group of people to communicate.

So I have set up a new Facebook Page for Tony Nobles Ministry.

Please join/follow and share.

It is also a wise move for me, and I suggest it also for many of my friends in ministry. It will add a layer safety and protection for you and your family, your FB ministry page will be open to the public, while your profile, can be set to be seen only by your friends and family.
Profiles have a 5000 “friends” limit, while Pages are limitless and can have millions following your ministry.
As the ministry has grown, I have more and more new friend requests each day. Many are friends of a FB friend, but so many now are not people I’ve met in person and many for countries out side to USA. So it would be best for my many new requests to follow me through my ministry page and leave my Profile for my friends and family.

So to my friends and family I encourage you to continue to share on your FB PROFILE “The Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ”. But to my friends that are ministers that are 501c3, I encourage you to follow FB instructions and Start a FB Page for your ministry.

“He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!” Acts 28:31

As part of Tony Nobles Ministry I enjoy helping people to be “equipped for the work of ministry”. I would be more than happy to talk and train anyone on how to get setup FB Pages, Web Pages, and even how to start your 501c3 as a missionary as we have with the help of the great team at Artist in Christian Testimony.(

Blessings and Shalom,
Tony Nobles

Tony Nobles Ministry FB banner.

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